Rod Breakdown Machine

Rod Breakdown Machine
Rod Breakdown Machine

Rod Breakdown Machine


OMEYA Technology offers a wide range of Wire Drawing Machines, which are highly effective in drawing and coiling copper wires. Our machines are designed with the assistance of last technology to fulfill varied requirements of the users. The machine is utilized to draw 8mm copper wire into 1.35mm. The drawing capstans are arranged in a line. Besides, the machine is not only easy to be operated but also simple to be maintained. Furthermore, all the transmission gears and bearings are enforced with lubricants. We also develop and customize the Rod Breakdown Machine to meet our clients’ requirements.
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  OM-D9+AN400 OM-D11+AN400 OM-D13+AN400
Die (no.) 9 11 13
Input Wire (mm) Max. 8mm Max. 8mm Max. 8mm
Output Wire (mm) 2.20mm-4.70mm 1.80mm-4.20mm 1.35mm-4.00mm
Max. Speed (M/min) 1200M/min 1500M/min 1800M/min
Machine Area Reduction (%) 19.5%-24% 19.5%-24% 19.5%-24%
Driven Motor Power (KW) 250 DC Motor 250 DC Motor 285 DC Motor
Annealing Capacity (KVA) 400KVA 400KVA 400KVA
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