Multi-wire Drawing Machine

Multi-wire Drawing Machine
Multi-wire Drawing Machine

Multi-wire Drawing Machine


For the purpose of drawing the Multiple Wires a the same time, OMEYA Technology offers the Multi-wire Drawing Machine. There are 3 rows of Drawing Cones horizontally arranged in the drawing cabinet. There is a capstan at the output of drawing cabinet and it also works as a meter counter wheel. All of the Drawing Cones are treated the ceramic coating on the surface for the purpose of wear resistance. We design the control system with PLC + HMI that makes the whole system (Multiple Wires Drawing Machine + Annealing Machine + Take-up) work with the line speed in synchronization.
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OMEYA - 8WD Multi-wire Drawing Machine + Automatic Dual Spool Take-up Technical File (2.6 MB)
  OM-8WD Multi-wire Drawing Machine
Die (no.) 29
Input Wire (mm) 0.8mm-1.2mm
Output Wire (mm) 0.08mm-0.32mm
Max. Speed (M/min) 1500M/min
Driven Motor Power (KW) 90KW
Annealing Capacity (KVA) 70KVA
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